Beth Zion Messianic Synagogue

Drama, Music, Dance


Lights!  Camera!  Action!
For those who love to act, direct or even write, opportunity awaits you at Beth Zion!  From Purim plays to skits at our Sukkot Festival (Sukkafest), we value all the creative arts at BZ and drama is no exception.


Praise Him with the harp and lyre!
We have been blessed at Beth Zion to have so many members with so many musical talents.  Our worship team is comprised of many talented singers and instrumentalists who have a true understanding of authentic praise and intimate worship.  Special songs are always available to anyone who has a worshipful song they would like to share with the congregation.


Sing praise to the Lord!
The Beth Zion Choir is involved in special events like Holiday Services and Outreach opportunities.  New members are welcome to join each time we begin to rehearse a new song!  The only requirement is to have a song in your heart for Mashiach and a willingness to learn new vocal expressions of love for HaShem.  Choir members learn from the directors and each other and we also lift each other up in prayer!  Our directors are imaginative and energetic and fun to work with!


Praise Him with the dance!
Worship Dance, or Davidic-style Dance, is an integral part of praise and worship to HaShem.  We consider every dancer a vital member of our worship team.  We offer dance workshops after services, so everyone can learn the steps.  it is a great blessing and a wonderful expression of worship and unity to dance together in Israeli folk dance style!