Messianic Grey Areas

The Passover Trilogy Messianic Haggadah presents a strongly traditional Jewish seder, and is designed to be informative and particularly sensitive to Jewish friends and family who attend our Messianic seders, by making everything familiar and distinctively clear throughout. Whether people are doing their first seder or are seasoned seder veterans, it makes it especially easy to distinguish between where the traditional portions are located, and where the Messianic highlights come in. This feature is one of the most highly appreciated benefits of this haggadah, and is explained on page 3 as follows:

This haggadah presents a traditional Jewish Seder, and includes a unique format for identifying some of the pertinent historical information regarding the Seder of Messiah. Special grey boxes throughout this haggadah, help explain the links between Messiah’s Seder and the traditional portions. For now, if you are uncertain about Messiah, just consider each screened box to simply be a ‘Messianic Grey Area.’ Let our Passover journey and Seder begin!

This unique, non-threatening approach seems to stimulate wonderful open discussions throughout the event. — ‘Finally, an easy to lead Messianic seder that Uncle Nate and Aunt Sadie can attend and enjoy without shpilkas.’


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