“Song Page Links” & Musical Downloads

Music makes the meal! One of the unique characteristics of the Passover Trilogy Messianic Haggadah is the innovative use of Song Page Links. These Song Page Links are located throughout the haggadah, and are designed to add some of the joyous sounds of Passover to the taste, touch and visual senses of this amazing season. For your convenience, we have included some of the songs and prayers that are a part of this celebration in MP3 format as a free download.

1. Avadim Hayinu
2. Dayenu
3. Halleluyah
4. Birkat Hamazon
5. Eliyahu Hanavi
6. Hodu L'Adonai
7. Adir Hu
8. Hatikvah

From the Passover Trilogy Messianic Haggadah webpage at http://www.bethzion.org/

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