Beth Zion Messianic Synagogue

Public Outreach

Say to the cities of Judah, 'Here is your God!'
When the weather gets warm, Beth Zion's public outreaches begin to heat up as well.  We have exciting opportunities for going into public areas and sharing our faith with others.

Public Outreach
Beth Zion has been blessed with the unique opportunity to share in word and song and declare Yeshua's love to our Orthodox Jewish brothers and sisters in Lakewood, NJ; one of the most Orthodox communities in the country!  This outreach has afforded us the opportunity to have very productive and meaningful dialogue with a community of people who never get to hear the message of the love of their Messiah.  This is a long term investment for us, and we pray that the seeds that we plant will take root!

Other outreach opportunities like Ocean Grove Pavilion on the Beach, Mercer County Park & Craft Fairs, are available as well.  Whether at the park or at the beach let the name of Yeshua be high and lifted up!

Please contact us for details.