Beth Zion Messianic Synagogue

Messianic Jews & Followers of Messiah

For the record, we have no problem with people calling themselves Christians. We enjoy fellowship and solidarity with everyone who truly knows and loves Messiah, but we are a Jewish congregation, and one with our Jewish People. We do not celebrate Christian holidays, but observe the Jewish ones from a traditional and Messianic perspective. The word "Christian," though a very endearing title to many, has been used in so many different ways, that it simply does not effectively define who we are as Jewish followers of Messiah. Within the "Church world," the ambiguity of this term is underscored by how often people add a prefix (like true, real, born again, Spirit-filled, and Bible-believing) to the word "Christian" in an attempt to more accurately clarify what they mean. In true communication, it is important to use terms that clearly express what you honestly mean to say, rather than rely on popular catch phrases and labels that seem easier to use, but that listeners may define differently than what you think you are conveying.

Terms like Christ, Christian, unsaved Jew, convert, baptize, trinity, and cross conjure up in most Jewish minds images of pogroms, inquisitions, crusades, The Holocaust, assimilation, or spiritual genocide. It often leaves our people with a distorted view of who Yeshua really is, and presents Him as some sort of alien, pagan mythological deity. These terms are not a part of our vocabulary. We are an authentic Jewish community that sets the record straight concerning the Jewish Messiah. We do not use terminology as "witnessing tools," but as an honest expression of our walk with God within the framework of a genuine Jewish life-style. It helps define exactly who we are, and clearly articulate what we believe about Messiah. We present the message and person of Yeshua within a Torah-based model established by God and confirmed in all Yeshua taught and did.